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Chan Peng Lo


Lo Chan Peng
1983 Born in Taiwan

Specialization |
Oil Painting, ink and mix media
Current Occupations 
Professional Artist 
Assistant Professor, Department of Art of Creative Design, Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan

Lo Chan-Peng | Biography
Born in 1983 in Taiwan, Lo Chan-Peng graduated from the Chinese Culture University and National Taiwan Normal University with an MFA in Western Painting. Lo is a constant prize winner in Taiwan since his young age. Lo has awarded :
ARC Purchase Award | Art Renewal Center (ARC), USA
Honorable Mention / Portraiture | Art Renewal Center (ARC), USA
ARC People’s Choice Award | Art Renewal Center (ARC), USA (2020)
The Chi-mei Cultivation Award (2007)
The Kaohsiung Award (2008).

Lo has been working as an artist in resident in worldwide institutions such as ARC Salon,Sotheby’s NY(2021 ),European museum of modern art,Barcelona, Spain(2021 )and in Berlin (2011). The recent exhibitions include From hyperrealism to the reality – Lo Chan Peng Solo Exhibition 2020 (Taipei, 2020), Portraiture 2020 (Los Angles, 2020), and Misty (Taipei, 2017). He also attended International Art Fairs hold in London, Tokyo, Osaka, Busan, Soul, Masco, Singapore, Taipei, etc. Lo’s works have been collected by galleries, museums, and collectors around the world, such as ESMoA, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Chi-met museum, and Union Culture Foundation.

Most of Lo Chan-Peng’s works are focusing on portraitures by using oil colour or ink. In his creation, Lo likes to discuss issues such as time, history, and life and death. With his vivid and exquisite portraits, Lo adds elements to “spoil” the pictures, thereby bringing a strong and unique visual experience to the viewers, also transferring the abstract concept into something that can be seen.

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