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Chanel Cha


Painting is for me a form of self-expression. Through my art practice, I am able to explore my deepest feeling and translate them into images that reach out to the viewer, creating an emotional connection. I adopt a very traditional style, inspired by the Italian masters, which allows me to focus on the expressions of my subjects, using gentle brushstrokes and soft colours. My portraits are very expressive as I focus on capturing the essence of my subject whilst exploring a vast range of human emotions. The portraits, as well as my still-life and natural-themed paintings always convey a feeling of delicacy and beauty that I achieve through the composition, the colours and the light. For my painting, I get inspiration from childhood memories, a painful moment in my life when I experienced loneliness and sought refuge in my imagination. My creative practice becomes a way to process those feelings in a sort of self-therapy. The honesty and truth behind my works allow me to engage with the audience on a deep level and to present my true self to the public. Although my inspiration comes from a dark place, the artistic process heals the trauma and instils hope and light in the final images. 

Chanel Cha was born in Gwangju, South Korea. She spent most of her childhood in the rural countryside where she developed an appreciation for natural beauty. When she moved to Canada, for the first time she felt that she could express herself freely and she decided to be an artist. Following that decision, she attended the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, where she had the opportunity to study the Italian Masters and develop her signature style. Her works have been exhibited on several occasions in Italy, New York and London.

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