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Chris Klein


Chris is a British artist. Exhibiting his work across Europe and North America, he is most recognised for his series of costume paintings. These are mostly from theatre and film but also from the world of fashion, plus Royal and museum collections.

In 1983 Chris had his work accepted by the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK for their prestigious Summer Exhibition. He has since won numerous other awards and been featured in many magazines and other articles.

As well as producing his own work, he is also a scenic artist for film and theatre. For 10 years he has served as the head of scenic art at both the Stratford Festival and the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Chris has worked on many sets, creating backdrops and related artwork and has contributed to major productions in London's West End and Broadway. He has painted for many major Hollywood films and many shows for the Cirque du Soleil.

It was his work in theatre where he first started to paint the costumes from shows. It proved to be his most popular series, and he has recently been painting from the most successful theatre shows in the world, “Phantom of the Opera” and most recently, Disney’s “The Lion King”, which Disney placed on the cover of their “Behind the Curtain” brochure to celebrate their 20th anniversary in London.

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