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Corey Peters

United States

Corey Peters was born 1977 in Los Angeles, CA where he lives and works today. Corey has always loved drawing. His high school art instructor, Karen Ring Mealiffe, greatly nurtured his passion for art with her enthusiasm and open mindedness. He attended the University of Santa Cruz, CA where he developed a love for the Santa Cruz landscape, and still returns to paint each year. Corey later transferred to Art Center College of Design, where instructors Mike Hernandez, Aaron Smith, Jeff Smith and F Scott Hess were instrumental in helping him discover his inner visionary. Corey graduated from Art Center in 2000 with Distinction.

Corey and his work have been described with a range of terms: gritty, hilarious, exceptional, sensitive, epic, demanding, bold, sarcastic, intense... This is an accurate reflection of the deep and layered quality of his work that demands and deserves careful examination. His drawings and paintings exhibit a colorful range of self expression and stylization. They encompass genres from the abstract, lighthearted and funny to the dark, realistic and melancholy. This versatility in style and mood is key to his artistic DNA.

Corey's drawings and paintings can be found in art collections worldwide. His work has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine and he has exhibited in a number of prominent galleries and museums. Most recently, his work has been displayed at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the Yosemite Museum of Art in California. His mixed media piece, "Mmm Buffy...,,"  won the Award of Distinction at the 20th Annual Modern and Contemporary national Juried Art Exhibition.

He is as intrepid an adventurer as he is an artist. Corey can often be found exploring California and its neighboring western states on foot. When he is not painting or traveling, Corey teaches at Right Brain Academy of Art, which he co-founded with his partner Rebecca Chen in 2014.

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