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Daire Lynch


Dáíre Lynch is a representational figurative artist born in Dublin, Ireland though now resides in West Cork. His work uses thematically exaggerated poses and scenography that leans into renaissance influences within a contemporary motif .He trained as a sound engineer before focusing his primary creative output in oil painting.

With a boundless reverence for life and the human form, he has birthed a world where the nuances of humanity are brought to the forefront and propose an emotive journey to the viewer.

When not painting or creating, he can be found in the wilds, be it woods, lakes, or the powerful Atlantic Ocean. He recently became the Alpha in a pack of wolves, by showing no fear, tenacious attitude, and willingness to fight for meat.

Daire has exhibited across the globe, some notable shows are PoetsArtists CreatorMuse Show -Zhou B Art Center, Chicago , Painting the Figure Now - WMOCA Museum, Wisconsin, I Observe’ Group Show - REHS Contemporary New York and Abend Gallery 30th Miniature Show -Denver Colorado. His work is also included in a payload that launched from Cape Canaveral in July with the Peregrine Collection, part of a time capsule of 1200 Artists that will be archived on the Moon.His work has been published in several Poets and Artists publications.


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