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Daria Kropacheva


Daria Kropacheva.  Born in Moldova, in 1989.

The artist is a realist, symbolist, works in magical realism, figurative painting.

“Stop!  Give yourself time to think!"  Each picture is a proposal to reflect, to philosophize, to agree or not.  The idea is important to me!  With the methods and techniques of the old masters and my symbols, I am trying to create a world of feelings, character, new myths.”

Art College.  Moldova.

Academy of Arts.  Moldova.

After graduating from the Academy, Daria signs an exclusive contract for 5 years with a gallery in Rome.  2016-2021

When it ends, she has a solo exhibition at hometown in Chisinau, Moldova 2021

Participated in several exhibitions in New York, Vienna, Switzerland.

Participates in charitable projects.

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