David Sandell

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David Sandell

United Kingdom

I work in pencil or oils on portraits and occasionally seascapes. Human skin like the sea has no inherent colour and presents colour based on light conditions and what lies beneath. The human face continues to fascinate me as a manifestation of self and its potential to subtly communicate in ways we don’t always appreciate, which is what makes portraiture so interesting.




I originally trained as an illustrator/designer and my time is now split between design and art studios, in the art studio I work predominantly in pencil or oils. I use pencil to explore concepts; these drawings often then take on a life of their own and become finished pieces. In 2006, inspired by a summer workshop in New York with American master Daniel E. Greene, I started to produce more oil portraits. Working mainly from commissions, I don’t consider my work mainstream, but have received some recognition in recent years. As a semi-retired designer I remain joint founder/owner of Triad Limited, design agency established in 1988 with studios at Holdenby House stately home, in Northamptonshire, England.


Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers.

International Member of the Portrait Society of America.

Signature Member of UK Coloured Pencil Society.

Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art.





International Artist – featured artist Issue 64 - 2009 and Issue 131 - 2020

Strokes of Genius - Best of Drawing. Volumes 6-12, 2013-2020

Art Renewal Salon Finalist 2015 - 2020.

Finalist International Portrait Awards – ‘Self Analysis’. 2015

Creative Quarterly - Top 100 Artists/Illustrators 2014

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