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Dominic Thian


Dominic Thian (b. 1996) is a Singapore-based artist. He is known for still-lifes and portraits which combine a modern sensibility with a delicate perception and handling of paint, and for his landscapes of local parks and beaches.

Dominic studied briefly in the Grand Central Atelier in New York City. Under the tutelage of internationally-acclaimed artist Colleen Barry and other distinguished contemporary NYC artists, He embarked on an intensive curriculum of drawing and painting the figure from life; This period was also spent visiting the rich & vast collections of New England museums, seeing in-person and studying the numerous Old Master paintings held outside of Asia. 

The unique picturesqueness of Singapore’s reclaimed coasts and neighbourhoods are a continual source of Dominic’s inspiration. Moved thus, his paintings are centrally motivated by the pursuit of a genuine artistic reaction to the beauty surrounding him and that which is also found within.

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