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Eddy Greenwood


Eddy Greenwood is a figurative artist born in the UK in 1956, living in Wassenaar, The
Netherlands. He studied Graphic Design & History of Art, graduating with a BA honours degree at Canterbury College of Art. After working as an art director for advertising in London, he moved to The Netherlands and became a highly respected Creative Director. In 2012 he proudly received an award from TED for the best storytelling in film.

Striving to explore his creative talent further, Eddy wanted to establish himself in the world of fine art, turning his focus to figurative art and portrait painting. Eddy’s inspiration comes from the work of the old masters Titian, van Dyck, and Velasquez.

His pursuit of their excellence led him on a journey to Italy where he studied at The Florence
Academy of Art, and Charles H. Cecil Studios, ateliers renowned for their commitment to the
theory and practice of drawing and painting from life using the sight - size method.

Enriched by this classical training, he now paints exclusively from life, harnessing his atelier’s beautiful north facing light. However, it is not only how he paints that makes him special as an
artist. From his years of experience in art direction, he also has an eye for composition, lighting, and finding that special pose that makes a great portrait.

Throughout Eddy’s work there is always a fine balance between a striking likeness to the subject, a face that evokes an emotion, and a painting so beautifully rendered that it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Next to his projects and portrait commissions, Eddy is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and
offers classes in figurative art.


2022 “The Lace Collar” Winner GalleryGate Emerging Artist Prize, UK

2022 “The Lace Collar” Finalist Yicca Art Prize, Venice

2022 “Labrador” Selected and Highly Commended The Artist magazine

2021 “The Feather Scarf” Shortlisted Figurativas’21, MEAM Barcelona

2021 “Artist profile” Arte y Libres XVI Art Year Book

2021 “Aukje and Fem” Finalist Gemini Art Prize Show, S.Kensington, London

2021 “Aukje and Fem” Finalist and Highly Commended Anthology Magazine Cover Art

2021 “Dan and Dog” Selected Mod Portrait, Spain

2021 “Dan and Dog” Finalist Sunny Art Prize Show, Sunny Gallery, London

2020 “The Feather Scarf” Netherlands Weekend of the Portrait Show, Amsterdam

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