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Edo Fuijkschot


After a combined twenty-year career in animation, comic books and as a children’s book illustrator I came across the growing movement of Classical Realism as I began an additional path to teach workshops. I became enamored by the techniques and principles it had to offer, through simplified and broken-down academic methods, which not only assisted my students but benefited my own work as well. I delved deeper into representational art, taking the odd workshop here and there to learn more, and finally have settled into an ongoing online academic program at Samsara Academy of Art.


Given my situation as a stay-at-home dad I am currently unable to attend a full time course, therefore my goal is to complete the online academic course at Samsara within the next two years and join the revival as a qualified artist in realism.


To date I have entered three previous art competitions all resulting in being shortlisted for the Royal Portrait Society 2022, ARC Salon 2019 and Derwent Art Prize 2018 (incl. exhibition)

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