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Ekaterina Gasmi


Ekaterina Gasmi

 born in 1984

since 2007 until 2015        studies painting and stage design at the Dusseldorf Art Academy
since 2018                           member of the Kunsthaus Mettmann (Germany)

since  2021                          member of Verein der Düsseldorfer Künstler (Germany)

After a few years of working in different theaters, she decides to dedicate herself to painting.

Ekaterina Gasmi works only with oil on canvas. Her earlier photorealistic works often inspired by old masters. As her artistic skills improves, she moves on to hyper realistic depiction.

Now Ekaterina finds her inspiration in everyday objects, depicting them with great attention to the smallest details, she carefully constructed compositions with the perfect balance of light and shadow. In order not to distract the viewer's attention from the beauty of the image objects, she places them on a white, gray or black background.

She lives and works in Germany. Her paintings can be found at exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.



Group exibition at Gallery “Van Gohg Art Gallery”, Madrid, Spain

Group exibition at Gallery “Böhner”, Mannheim, Germany

“Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2022” Frankfurt, Germany

“International Contemporary Art Fair Paris 2022” Paris, France

“Group exibition “10 in 77” at “Werft 77”, Dusseldorf, Germany

"Discovery Art Fair Cologne 2022” Cologne, Germany

"Members Exhibition 2022" at Kunsthaus Mettmann, Mettmann, Germany



“International Contemporary Art Fair Brussels 2021 ”, Brussels, Belgium

“ST.ART 2021”, Strasbourg, France

“Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2021” Frankfurt, Germany

„C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr 2021“ Essen, Germany

Group exibition at Gallery “Böhner”, Mannheim, Germany

Group exibition at “Gallery Dirk Balke im Art-Eck”, Solingen, Germany

"Artbox Project. Barcelona 2.0 " Barcelona, Spain

Ekaterina Gasmi und Natalia Baumeister" Gallery „Böhner“, Mannheim, Germany

"Members Exhibition 2021" at Kunsthaus Mettmann, Mettmann, Germany



“Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2020” Frankfurt, Germany

Solo exhibition "Ekaterina Gasmi. New paintings" at Kunsthaus, Mettmann, Germany

"Artbox Project. Zurich 2.0 "at the Swiss Art Expo 2020, Switzerland

"MEopenART 2020" Competition at the Kunsthaus, Mettmann, Germany

“Affordable Art Fair Milano 2020” Milan, Italy

"Members Exhibition 2020" at Kunsthaus Mettmann, Mettmann, Germany

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