Elena Bria

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Elena Bria

Moldova, Republic of

Elena Bria was born on July 4, 1992 in Chisinau, Moldova to a family of biathletes.

At age 11, she began her studies at the School of Fine Arts in Chisinau. There she met her mentor, Master Stanislav Babiuc, who trained her in the basic principals of realist painting in the traditions of the old Russian school. After graduating the School of Fine Arts, she successfully passed her entry exams and continued her studies at the Imperial Academy of Art in Saint-Petersburg for 7 years.  Currently she works and lives in her hometown Chisinau, Moldova. 

Elena is a figurative artist, painting exclusively from life, she believes that an artist is that person through which nature gives rule to art . She is mainly inspired by such artists as  Ilya E. Repin, Valentin A. Serov, Nikolai Fechin, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and JoaquĆ­n Sorolla

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