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Elena Burykina

United States

My name is Lena Burykina. I am an artist based in Chattanooga, TN USA.

I always wanted to be an artist.  As a child in Ukraine, I received a classical art education which I used for over a decade as an architect.  It was an applied form of my desire to create art.  

I moved away from architecture into teaching art to children and painting when I could, and finally I was able to focus all my time being an artist and learning.  I try to use every opportunity to learn anything new – new tools, mediums, techniques.   

I moved to America in 2013 and turned my full attention to painting.

My favorite subjects to paint are people with their personalities, moods, thoughts, and favorite things. I really like to explore the personalities of my models through building the structure of portraiture with oil paint and paintbrush.

My current focus is portraiture. I seek a connection with the model that I can translate to the surface.

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