Erica Calardo

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Erica Calardo


I am an Italian figurative painter bringing old masters’ techniques into a lyrical, symbolic, and oneiric contemporary vision influenced by art nouveau. 


I paint figures of rarefact bauty, eery and oneiric in their naked nature, floating between worlds. I represent possible worlds semantics (the main topic of my doctoral thesis in mathematical logic) in a narrative and figurative scenario. I play with the concept of identity through different worlds. I see my paintings as representing a congealed moment in time, just before a choice is made, on the verge of something that is about to happen. There is always a “here” and a “there”, co-existing in a surreal setting. The duality of dream and reality produce a constant dialogue. 

The role of women is crucial. In my paintings there are echoes of the myth of the Potnia, the Magna Mater. I paint empowered women who enshrine and embody the misteries of life. They are creatures living in myths and fairytales, who silently let you glimpse at their story.

I have eclectic interests, ranging from philosophy to literature, mathematics, and music. I graduated in philosophy and I got a phd in mathematical logic. My symbolic paintings can be read on many levels, mirroring my studies and interests. I may find inspiration in my dreams, in novels, or in pieces of music I get obsessed with. La vida es sueño – Life is but a dream. Sometimes I start painting without a specific idea and I see symbols I cannot understand appearing. Other times I start with a specific idea in my mind and I set to analyse the symbology to conceive my thoughts. 

My style is deeply influenced by Italian artistic path and I aim at fusing the Mannerist lesson with Art Nouveau and Academic style. I am willing to bring the old masters’ technical skills in our time. I make a devote reasearch both on books, and in museums in order to understand how those skilled artists achieved their magic. I try to reproduce their methodology. I am also concentrated into finding the best tools to achieve my goal. I work with materials as close as possible to those used by the old masters. I keep experimenting, in the constant effort to improve my skills. 

I am mostly self taught, although I attended classes at the Florence Academy of Art. The living master who shaped my skills the most is my teacher Roberto Ferri, with whom I attended classes and workshops during the past years.

I worship Beauty. We need to find refuge from our ugly and weird times in the elevating power of Art. We need figurative paintings to be a constant reminder of what humanity can achieve, the high ideals we are capable of, the dreams we can behold. My art does not want to be a mere reflection of our times, but rather a distorted mirror that gives back an ideal, yet attainable, image of our nature.

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