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Esther Sample



Using her experiences from a past successful career as a commercial fisherman and the inspiration from BC’s rugged and wild west coast, Esther’s oil and acrylic paintings come alive and reconnect the viewer to nature and life on the water. 


Largely self taught, the hours spent at the easel have lent themselves to a realistic style that has emerged as her preferred expression. 


Beginning her painting process with watercolours in the early 90‘s, over the years Esther transitioned to acrylics and currently paints in oil. Today, you can find Esther in her home studio daily, or out on the local beaches and estuaries, painting, drawing from landscapes, blending in her life’s experiences, chasing the ever elusive light in the hunt to create beautiful paintings.


In 2011, Esther was the first woman to win the Pacific Salmon Foundation’s annual sport fishing salmon stamp award with the painting “Hunger Strikes”. She won a second time in 2015 with “Flash of Silver”. She has been published in numerous books and magazines. Her work is collected throughout the world, and shows in Canada and USA. Esther has been a guest speaker for several organizations, sharing her life stories and artwork.

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