Ewan McNaughton

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Ewan McNaughton

United Kingdom

As well as being an Atelier Instructor, Ewan McNaughton produces his own personal work, which differs greatly from what he teaches, and feeds his need for greater experimentation in expression of subject and color.

The human form is the first thing we see from birth. Our sensitivity to it's variants in expression changes how we respond to these variants. Ewan believes that representations of human gesture and emotion transcends all cultural differences in the viewer, regardless of geographic, economic, or social background. Sorrow is sorrow. Joy is joy. No time era is represented. His aim is to communicate the human condition as it has always been, despite our differences in any given period.

Through figurative painting and beauty, we regain and cultivate our empathy.

Ewan is influenced by the deep emotion and craftsmanship of William Bouguereau, mixed with contemporary theories of color interaction and aesthetics.

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