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Farahnaz Hazratizade

United States

Farahnaz Hazratizadeh was born on 16th April 1968in a middle-class family in the city of Kerman, one of the ancient and historic cities of Iran.

Painting was her passion since her early childhood, and as a teenager, she was fascinated and inspired by the masterpieces of a prominent Iranian realist painter named Morteza Katouzian.

Since 2003, in pursuit of her childhood dream, she started to take lessons in painting seriously and professionally from IMAN MALEKI, one of the most distinguished realist painters of Iran, at Ara Studio.
On2017 farahnaz has attended in "Neuvos valoresVII "exhibition in Zaragoza,spain .
Three of her paintings were published in the book Leonardo 2020 in Spain.
Participation in the virtual exhibition "your best painting" with "Mask" painting and receiving a certificate.
Participation in "15th Arc salon" with two accepted pieces of artwork namely "Nature of Mahan and The Prince's Garden" among the finalists of the exhibition and publishing both in the 15th Arc salon book.

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