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Florentino Jr. Impas


Florentino “Jun” G. Impas, Jr. (b. 1970) is a realism and portrait visual artist from Cebu, Philippines. 

As a young child, he was always creative and would start drawing the scenes around him. As a son of a fisherman and housewife and with 10 siblings, life was not easy for Jun. He worked several part time jobs to make ends meet. He was introduced to art through a part time job as a poster and billboard maker in a local cinema in Surigao City. Painting actors and actresses in showing movies was how he realized he was quite capable of painting. He pursued his professional art career by moving to Cebu and joining local art groups. As a self taught artist, he absorbed lessons from art books and techniques from peers.

Since then, he has become a multi-awarded artist and has consistently shown in both group and solo exhibits. He eventually earned a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. He also became a president of Cebu Artists Inc. (CAI) as well as the former president of the Portraits Artist Society of the Philippines. He is a member of Durian Collective artist group. His works has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally reaching Vatican, Chicago and New York. He has also done numerous portrait commissions of known personalities and families in society. 


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