Frederick Terpstra

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Frederick Terpstra


I am an artist based In Switzerland but grew up for half of my life in Australia. My mother is from England and father from Holland, thus I have been granted with the opportunity to see many different cultures. This has influenced my drawings and I have always had an eye out for natural but not the average scenes. My medium of choice is pencil; I am fascinated by the possibility of bringing a blank piece of paper to life but at the same time find it incredible how simple the medium is.

I have always been into drawing, starting with manga and comic figures and also sketching landscapes when on holidays. I started doing portraits in 2017 but really got into doing them more and spending more time on them in 2021. My inspiration comes from my grandpa, who painted a lot, as well as the artists Franz Gertsch, Jopie Huisman and Leonardo Da Vinci. I learned my drawing skills through reading books on drawing but also through art lessons during school and at the teacher training school.

My work has been displayed in the gallery Dür in Wädenswil, Switzerland and I draw portraits of people or animals upon request.

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