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Gabrielle Tito

United States

Gabrielle spent her childhood between New York and  Rome, Italy, immersed in a culture of classical art, fashion and nostalgia for La Dolce Vita. Her greatest inspiration came from the relief sculpture, figurative paintings and costume-design sketches by her late Aunt, artist and costume designer, Rinnà Tito.

As an artist trained in the Old Master tradition, Gabrielle melds classical technique and historical inspiration with fashion and artistic expression of the moment. She tells the story of beauty, femininity and timelessness through figurative painting, sculpture and microsculpture, hand sculpted jewels created to adorn the body and be embraced in the palm of the hand.  

Gabrielle mainly works in traditional oil painting and portrait commissions. In small jewel like portraits, often incorporating precious materials, she blends a bit of history, fashion, nostalgia, and a powerful revelatory gaze from the sitter. 

Gabrielle studied art history and studio art at Dartmouth College and earned an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. She studied with artist Gaspare de Fiore in Rome, Italy and later apprenticed with artist James Childs in New York City, who continues the atelier tradition of Gerome.


Gabrielle received an honorable mention from the Portrait Society of America for her "Self-Portrait with Velázquez Reflection." Her painting, "Tomorrow I'll Wear Yesterday," was pre-selected as a finalist in Figurativas 2021, at the MEAM, Barcelona, Spain; was selected for the American Artist's Professional League' 93rd Grand National Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club and recipient of the Frank C. Wright Medal of Honor for oil and acrylic. As a Mom who raised two girls on her own Gabrielle is inspired to tell the story of Woman throughout time

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