George Gonzalez

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George Gonzalez

United States

George A. Gonzalez

Richness, elegance, creative diversity, and emotional characterization are the hallmarks of this Texas artist born in 1966.  When combined with his dramatic use of lighting, shadow, and color, his canvases quickly create a mood of gentle and vivid emotions.  Even more significant is Mr. Gonzalez's sense of detail, not only in the realism of his subject matter, but in the attention he takes to prepare his canvases and panels.  Primarily self-taught, Mr. Gonzalez has gained invaluable experience through extensive book studies and by attending museums.

"Although realistic and contemporary in style, the paintings I create are developed in the Old Masters' tradition of color glazes, and I am currently adding dimensions of surrealism and trompe l'oeil with a sense of creative humor to my still life paintings.  Since the first day I began to draw, I've always had a love for still life.  Unlike other genres, still llife allows me more control over lighting, composition, arrangement, design, and color.  My work is influenced by the artwork of the Dutch Masters, Caravaggio, Harnett, Dali, and Magritte."


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