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Giorgio Dante (b. 1982) is an italian figurative painter.

After graduating in 2006 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Dante distinguished himself as an artist of contemporary revival of classical painting.

His work emphasizes, through the body and myth, symbols immutable over time, the emotions of human soul, such as atemporal values, therefore contemporary in every time. Thechnically, the painting of Giorgio Dante has its roots in traditional methods of Old Masters. Italian art of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, inspired him to paint since his childhood and influenced his choice to pursue an academic figurative style, focused on 19th Century European painting (Bouguereau, Alma-Tadema, Lord Leighton, Waterhouse, Delaroche, Henner, The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, etc).

After the Academy, He began participating in exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

2008: He took part in "Flesh and Passion. The Fervor of Saint Sebastian" Exhibition at CFM Gallery in SOHO, New York City (New York, USA).

2013: The painting "Atlante" became part of the Permanent Collection of the MEAM Museum of Barcelona (Spain, UE).

2014: He was a Finalist in the 11th annual ARC Salon Competition in Imaginative Realism Category.

2015: He was one of the International Winners of UNESCO Bioethics Art Competitionwith the painting "The Healing Gift". The next year, he parteciped to the travelling exhibiton of the winners and finalist works in Houston (Texas, USA) and Edinburgh (Scotland, UK).

2016: He was a Finalist in the 12th annual ARC Salon Competition in Figurative and Imaginative Realism Categories.

2016: He participated in "The New Year of the Annunciation" Exibition at Panciatichi Palace in Florence, an initiative of the Presidential Office of the Regional Council of Tuscany (Italy, UE). On that occasion, He exhibited alongside a historicized work by Pietro Annigoni.

2017: He took part in the International Art Fair ForReal Exhibition of MEAM Permanent Collection in Amsterdam (Netherlands, UE).

2019: Exhibition at Villa de Gaby Deslys in Marseilles (France, UE), on the occasion of the celebration of Italian National Day, organized by Consulate General of Italy to draw the attention on the "most prominent contemporary italian artists in realistic figurative oil painting".

2021: He was called to give his own vision of the Divine Comedy, on the occasion of the 700th Anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, in the "Dante 700 nel mondo" Program of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, throught the diplomatic-consular network. In detail, the General Consulate of Italy in Marseille promoted and organized the prestigious and sumptuous Solo Exhibition "LES TENEBRES ET LA LUMIERE" by Giorgio Dante at Palace of the Popes, Grande Audience Hall, in Avignon (France, UE), from 6th October to 31st December 2021, extended until 23rd January 2022.

2022: The Solo Exhibition "LES TENEBRES ET LA LUMIERE" continues at Castle of Castries(Château de Castries), in Montpellier (France, UE), from 18th March to 12th June 2022.

He exhibited in UE, UK and USA and his works are present in Auction Houses, international private Collections, Museums and Foundations.

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