Glenn R Turnbull

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Glenn R Turnbull

United States

 My name is Glenn and I am a self-taught artist from New York. I have a very broad set of skills aside from painting and have spent many years troubleshooting and repairing various types of machinery as an Operating Engineer. These experiences all influence my work and what I typically choose as my subject matter. I execute a very hands on approach to painting. Lately, I have been hand making cradled panels out of wood and properly preparing the surfaces for paint. It is more time consuming this way but allows me more control over my work from start to finish.

 Over the years I have experimented with different mediums but have decided to focus on painting. The composition, values, perspective and brushwork are what I concentrate on in my work the most. My brushstrokes will be very visible in the foreground and soft in the distance to help convey a three dimensional feel. Although I paint in a realistic style, I often change color tones and temperatures to add atmosphere to a scene.

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