Isabelle Ravet

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Isabelle Ravet


Isabelle Ravet or known as Isara, is a painter living and based in Brussels. 

Bathed since her earliest childhood in the artistic world, she draws on her origins to create her universe.


Her father, Walloon, was a vegetable sculptor.

Her mother, Flemish, teacher and decorator.

Both have always attached great importance to the art of living and the beauty of each day.


As a French language teacher around the world for five years, she opens her eyes to the daily life of each person she meets.

Thanks to a scholarship received from the King Baudoin foundation for heritage restoration, she started painting.


She then studied in Venice the restoration of frescoes and afterwards panoramic decoration in Paris. She worked for 10 years for a private clientele and exhibited for the first time in Knokke in 2001.


Her first paintings represent everyday objects, fragments of life that we encounter on the daily.


Oil is her favorite medium for its infinite possibilities and its voluptuousness.

She exhibits in Belgium, France, Holland, Russia,...

Her works are mostly part of a private collection.

A collection on The 7 Deadly Sins was produced for the Wittamer house.


She is a painter of the indescribable. Her canvases are imbued with a kind of ecstasy that escapes description.


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