James Landis

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James Landis

United States

   It was autumn of 1988, I was a twenty four year old college freshman scarcely out of the US Air Force. It was this season of my life that I began to see art as something more than an accessory that would bring me attention. I began to feel a responsibility for the development and use of this talent that was with me from the begining. In 1988 the foot of modern art was not yet off the throat of representational realism...two years of vexing at the fine arts college turned my attention forth, particularly to a young lady who would be my wife. A wife, children and the necessity for a consistent income changed my path.  

   In 2017, a major change in my employment opened the way for a pursuance of art once more. Portraiture, for its exacting demands and infinate rewards has gained my attention. I have not discovered a form of art that brings me so much gratification. If I could paint nothing but portraits, I would never need chocolate

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