Jana Büttner

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Jana Büttner


Jana Büttner is a German-Czech Sculptor based in Florenz.

She began her studies of Fine Art at the Musisches Gymnasium, Salzburg in (2008-2012).

Than continued her studies at the HTL Hallein School of Practical Arts to pursue her passion for sculpting.There she learned how to to carve in marble and wood, work with metal and model in clay. She graduated there in 2016 (2012-2016).

Her strong passion for figurative sculpture brought her to the Florence Academy of Art where she graduated in 2021. She started teaching at the academy as a student and now works as a principal instructor in the sculpture drawing Program since 2022.

Jana works privately in a studio in Florenz. Her work is represented my the Frilly gallery in Florenz, Galerie LÓeil du Prince ( France) and stands in private collections in Europa, America and Dubai.

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