Janet Maines

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Janet Maines

United States

Janet Maine has become known for her realistic and life-infused drawings, each filled with the personality and spirit of the subject. At Louisiana State University, Janet majored in graphic design and has owned a design and marketing firm for over 30 years. That experience has assisted her pursuit of fine art through perfecting composition, detail, and the ability to find the extraordinary around her.

Janet has exhibited her works at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, Bailey Gallery, Centenary College, and other locations regionally. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America where she has won recognition for her work the past three years and her work has been featured in International Artist Magazine and SB Magazine among other publications. She is a Northwest Louisiana Roster Artist and a Collectible Artist with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. Her classes and workshops allow her to share her passion with students of varying levels.

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