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Jason Drake

United States

Jason Drake is an American realist painter whose work is focused on the figure, the landscape, and intimate beauty of nature. His style elevates uniqueness over the banal, the deep spark over the quick flash, the isolated subject rather than the busy panorama. He believes that art should lift you up, elevate your perspective and help you hold onto things that have meaning. Jason’s paintings cause you to pause and reflect.


Collectors are drawn to his work because of a connection, whether it be a time, or a place or a person. They enjoy how the subject and the composition allows them to hold on to the meaning of things and their memories. It’s easy to paint pretty pictures, but Jason is trying to go deeper.


Fine Art Connoisseur magazine singled him out as an artist to watch and wrote, “With so much thought, observation, and reflection behind each piece, it is clear why Drake’s paintings frequently cause viewers to pause.”


Gallery owner Tim Miller said, “The depth and emotion of his paintings captures the attention of every client who enters the gallery and he’s quickly become a sought after name amongst our patrons. Jason’s work is as stimulating as it is mature, as beautiful as it is timeless.” Egg tempera master Koo Schadler observed that his egg tempera work is “beautiful and accomplished; his tonal sense is excellent.”


Living with his wife Holly and their dog Max in the Appalachian Mountains, Jason creates detailed realistic paintings of the natural world that surrounds him and finds beauty in ordinary things and close friends. He is committed to producing works that reflect the glory of God and the dignity of Man.

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