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Jeffrey Knick

United States


Jeffrey Knick is an artist from the United States. Born in Columbus, Ohio, Jeffrey grew up with deep roots in central Ohio farmland. He grew up on a fully functional family farm near a small river and, at a young age, fell in love with the picturesque beauty of the landscape.

Farming in the United States used to be much more local and there was a very close connection between people who raised food and those who were consuming it. Watching his grandfather’s, and then his father’s, love for the land and connection with people, he was raised feeling a deep connection to the people around and their connection to a place. His upbringing fueled a love for nature, people and history. Jeffrey uses his artwork to, among other things, share his observations of how these three things interact. 


A passion for art, above all other disciplines, was sparked for Jeffrey when he was in the first grade and his design, above all others, was chosen to be drawn on a poster for a visitor to the school. During recess one day, he was asked to stay in and trace an enlarged version of his drawing onto a wall-sized piece of paper. Working there – in that dark room – using an overhead projector – doing important work – left him with a special feeling that just never seemed to leave. It showed him a pathway to being himself AND accepted AND being looked up to. Art wound up being Jeffrey’s focus through school and remains his biggest passion still today (outside of his family).

In 2008, Jeffrey earned his Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Columbus College of Art & Design, and in 2010, he received his Master of Education degree from Xavier University.

Experience and Vision

Being a highly skilled artist and art educator are Jeffrey’s main focuses professionally. He has created art professionally, taught, and competed/exhibited locally for the past 12 years. Jeffrey recently transitioned from teaching secondary school visual art to teaching private lessons in order to make more time for creating his work.

Jeffrey’s goal is to use art to help people slow down for just a few moments so they can see (and have a moment with) the beautiful world that so often never makes it into our long-term memory.

* This statement has been provided directly by the artist in association to their 16th International ARC Salon entries. This content has not been edited for typos or grammatical errors and has not been vetted for accuracy.