Jessica Gordon

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Jessica Gordon

United States

Jessica Gordon is an American painter focusing on narrative figurative works. Jessica sought a creative outlet that led her to pick up a paintbrush for the first time. She fell in love with the idea of creating something entirely her own. Self-taught, she is paving her way, giving the viewer an insight into her mind and creative instincts. Since 2014, Jessica’s work has been found in multiple publications and selected for numerous shows throughout the United States. Selected in 2019 by American Art Collector's editor Joshua Rose for ""Painting Now” as one of “Today’s most exciting painters in representational art”.

Jessica was awarded Honorable Mention in the ground breaking 2019 Bennett Prize and "The Odds Against It All" hangs in The Bennett Collection. Her paintings were awarded Finalist in the 14th and 15th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition and “A New Hope"" was chosen for Spectrum 2019 at the Hunter Museum of American Art. Jessica was honored to have a sold out solo 2021 at Robert Lange Studios and sold out solo at Haven Gallery in New York 2022. 

Appreciative of the merited paintings she has created, Jessica looks forward to developing a thoughtful and continuously growing fine art career. Sharing her work has become a passion that drives her. 

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