Joanne St-Cyr

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Joanne St-Cyr


Born in Montreal, it is at a very young age that she discovers her love for drawing and it is with an originality and a full imagination that she is initiated to painting in oils at the age of 13.  From then on she will try to paint in the way of our great Renaissance Masters.  But it is in the deepest roots of her imagination that she will discover her own style, that she will re-invent new and symbolic worlds from her philosophy and life experiences.  

She worked as a Graphic Artist before settling down in Quebec City in 1990 where she has been teaching painting and drawing.  She has studied Fine Art at Concordia University and UQAM in Montreal, Canada.   After many years of exploring different mediums she now switches from oil to acrylic whenever the mood dictates the inspiration of the moment.  

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