John Afflick

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John Afflick

United Kingdom

John Afflick was born in Liverpool England in 1967. 

As a boy he was fascinated with the paintings in the Walker Art Gallery, the City’s local gallery which houses one of the largest collections in England outside London. Through frequent visits John developed his love for art and also the lasting passion to emulate the masterpieces it displayed. 

In 1993, following service in the British Army Corps of Royal Engineers, John decided to pursue his passion for art. He read extensively on the techniques of the Masters to acquire a thorough understanding of their methods and materials and utilises this knowledge to create paintings on the foundations of sound craftsmanship.His work is immaculately finished using traditional techniques and recipes and regularly encompasses unique traits from many artistic movements.   

He produces fascinating and alluring figurative art often with an underlying narrative of a spiritual nature that attempts to rationalise the mysteries of life and death. Although at times his work may appear somewhat sombre, there still possesses that humorous element, albeit a rather dark one, that accepts that life and death are just irrational.  

John has exhibited extensively and his work continues to be very collectable. His 12 foot altar frontal and seven large wall panels on permanent display in 'The Church of The Holy Innocents' Hammersmith, London, have been very much acclaimed and are a testament to his accomplished artistic ability.

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