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John McCartin


Commencing a full-time painting career in 2002, John has been catapulted from relative obscurity to international acclaim.

Since entering his first international art competition in 2011 he has received close to 100 international art awards and his skill acknowledged for by many of the world’s leading artists and galleries. In 2014 John was hand-picked from among those considered to be the best fine artists working in the world today to become an exhibiting member of the Art Guild ‘MASTER PAINTERS OF THE WORLD’.


Born in 1954, John displayed a marked natural talent for drawing as a boy but only started painting as a hobby at twenty years of age. By the early 1980’s he wanted to pursue a full-time painting career but, with little market for his work and a young family to support, he remained in full time employment with the New South Wales Public Service for many years. In 1986 John resigned from the Public Service to work as a self-employed signwriter. He also engraved jewelry and taught calligraphy to supplement his income. Due to tax pressures, John returned to full time employment in 1991 and continued to paint after hours until 2002 when he was forced to leave work because of failing health. Later that year John commenced working full time as a professional landscape painter.

In 2003 John, and his wife Julie, moved to Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia where they opened a gallery in the main street. After fourteen years they decided to relocate to a recently purchased house/gallery/studio (open by appointment) where John can work with minimal interruption.

John works effectively with most mediums and genres to capture quite a diverse range of subjects. Landscapes, seascapes, floral/still life, animals and human figure/portraits are painted with the same level of skill. With no formal art training John continues to develop his craft through practice and observation. Studying the work of master artists has given John a vast menu of techniques and styles enabling him to approach his chosen subject in different ways.

Light is a notable feature of John’s work with tonal precision and colour harmony woven into each and every work he produces regardless of style or technique. 


His works can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide and in the following galleries:

  • John McCartin Fine Art Gallery: Adelaide Hills, South Australia
  • Morpeth Gallery: Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Gell Fine Art: Spain
  • Trailside Galleries: USA




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