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Juan Cantavella

United States


Juan Cantavella was born in Orleans France on June 14, 1941 from refugee Spanish parents after they fled from Franco's regime.

In 1948 his family moved to Venezuela looking for better opportunities.

Growing up in Venezuela, when he was 15, he discovered his interest in art while he was convalescing from surgery. Starting with "paint by numbers"kits he rapidly began painting on his own using the Kits leftover paints. HIS father thought yhat Juanshould not waste time painting but study hard to become "somebody with a future". However, he never quit painting, without direction or teaching, since art school was never an option.

Once he finished High Schoo; he enrolled in the University, earninng his Architecture degree which was the closest major related to his artistic aspirations.

Family and work responsabilities kept his painting opportunities at the habby level for many years. But Juan never stopped dreaming of painting full time, perhaps ehen he retired.

In 2002 he came to America looking for new opportunitiesas Venezuelan economy and political landscape deteriorated rapidly. In 2004 he beganpainting murals in private homes and businesses bulding a strong client potfolio that kept him busy.

In the following years Juan continued his self-instruction by alternating his work as a muralist with a constant study of books andinstructional videos focused on improving his knowledge, skills and tecnique.

In 2014 Juan Moved from California and actually lives in Montgomery Texas where he settled his studio and paint profesionally full time.


Juan Cantavella is a member of:

Portrait Society of America

Oil Painters of America (signature member)

National Oil and Accrylic Painters Society (signature member)

Conroe Arte League  (Art instructor)



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