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Kaelin Palcu


My fascination with the body started when I was very young. However, the discovry of figurative sculpture began during my studies at OCAD University. Attempting to capture a person in clay was amongst the most beautiful, confronting and difficult pursuits I had ever experieenced. Well, it was until I found bronze-casting. For me, craftsmanship and expression is integral to the work I make. In practice, this has led to an old-world approach to studying.

After leaving OCADU, I apprenticed as a bronze and metal-smith. I learned to work with steel, bronze, gold and silver. I aided in the fabrication of many public works and private commissions. After four years, I felt confident in my skill as a metal-smith and decided to focus on learning how to sculpt he body from life. In 2017, I began stuyding classival sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art. 

The subsequent five years have been committed the art of sculpting from life - with almost three years at the Flone Academy, two sculpting Canadian wildlife for Waterton National Parks, new educational centre and finally six months at the Barcelona Academy of Art. Each day my love for this path grows.

For me, sculpting the figure is an attempt to communicate the human experience through form. Sculpting the body is about studying people - a search for connection by studing the imprint life has made on a person's skin. It is a proces that feels almost autobiographical in nature. The body communicates the life lived in it. My role as a sculptor is to show up, pay attention and interpret my subject with as much intgegrity as possible.

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