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Kathy Lindert

United States

I started oil painting in 2012 and have grown tremendously through the teaching and mentoring of Cindy Procious, Gavin Glakas, and Glen Kessler and previously with Carmen Fraga in Brazil.  My paintings have been featured in the Artists Magazine, a TV documentary by MyMCMedia, and local, national, and international exhibits and competitions. I am an affiliated artist at Artists & Makers Studios, a vibrant arts community in Maryland.  I am a certified Copyist at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and pre-pandemic you could find me every Friday painting a copy of Titian’s Venus with a Mirror in Gallery 23.  I’m hoping to return to the National Gallery as soon as pandemic restrictions ease up.  


In 2019, after nearly three decades in a career at the World Bank I took the big leap to jump into studying art and painting full time. My job took me to some 50 countries worldwide, including living and working for five years in Brazil, in addition to working and traveling regularly to Tunisia, Morocco, Panama, Guatemala, Europe and Central Asia, Indonesia, Malawi, and many others. As an advisor to governments around the world in the development and delivery of their social protection systems, I approached my job with a profound curiosity to learn “how systems work,” I always sought the “sweet spot” between the creative and the analytical – as well as the practical and the conceptual. 


I now bring that creativity, curiosity, and energy to my paintings, with an endless quest to learn how time-honored painters pursued their craft. I build up my paintings in layers using the techniques of the Old Masters and their followers (Titian, Caravaggio, Rubens, Vermeer, and others), with a mix of direct and indirect painting methods.  This layered process results in beautiful depth, subtleties, and luminosity. Through figurative and still life paintings, I seek to portray the personalities and emotions of the characters, their connections to each other and the scene, and the layers of meaning that emerge in the overall painting. 


Originally from California, and having lived for many years in Maryland, France and Brazil, I now split my time between our homes in Mount Gretna PA, Bethesda MD, and our camper van (the “VanCave”), spending many months of the year living and painting on the road, traveling throughout the US with my husband and our pup, Monty.  We also have three “twenty-something” kids, spread across the US in Colorado, South Carolina, and Maryland.

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