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Kelley Hails

United States


Kelley Hails is an artist, a poet, and a physician who imbues a realist style with an intimate portrayal of her subject- whether landscape, seascape, or portrait.  She grew up near the New England coast, with an early interest in drawing and painting as a child. Kelley then embarked upon a career in emergency medicine,  a twenty-year experience of cultivating compassion and an attention to unspoken emotional expression which profoundly influences her portraiture today. Following this career, Kelley refocused on fine art and studied representational oil painting with Sean Beavers and drawing and painting with Stephen Bauman and Cornelia Hernes of the Florence Academy. She has  refined her craft in workshops with Donald Demers, Robert Liberace, Steven Assael, Annie Murphy Robinson, and others. 


Kelley is a Copley Portrait Registry artist. She is a a member of the Copley Society of Art , the Portrait Society of America, the American Society of Marine Artists, the Oil Painters of America, Newburyport Art Association, and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society.  Her works have been awarded many honors and prizes, and have shown in national exhibits,  galleries, and private collections.

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