Kimberly Dow

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Kimberly Dow

United States

Kimberly Dow is an American contemporary figurative artist.  She currently resides near Ashville, North Carolina.

Dow paints the underlying currents of the female psyche.  Her highly detailed realist paintings present contemporary narratives that celebrate people and their deeply personal stories, sometimes addressing social issues.

Subjects and themes are explored with playful exuberance and a fearless freedom.

In a career spanning over 30 years, Kimberly Dow has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and her work has featured in many publications and collections around the world.

Highlights include exhibiting with The Museum of the Southwest, The Salmugundi Club in NYC, Bosque Conservatory, Masters Of Realism with Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, RJD Gallery,  PoetsArtists at 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago, International Guild of Realism, Principle Gallery, Charleston, exhibiting at the MEAM, Barcelona, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin and various awards and publications.


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