Konstantinos Protopapas

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Konstantinos Protopapas


Coming from Korinthos, Greece and after studying Software Engineering in University of Athens, I decided to make my lifelong dream come true. So I left everything behind and in 2015 I moved to Barcelona to study drawing and painting at the renowned Barcelona Academy Of Art.

After almost three years of serious training and having received scholarship for each year from the Academy, I finished my studies and I got offered a permanent position as a drawing and painting instructor.

Having sold paintings and drawings in several collectors throughout the world and being exhibited in museums and galleries, now I am working on my personal projects trying to create a body of work that brings realism with high technique level and honesty.

My dream is to one day return to my home, Greece, to share my knowledge with the young painters, creating a strong community to bring back the high level of realism that we once had

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