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Kristina Shvartsvald


Kristina Shvartsvald (alias Chernaya Rechka) is independent an artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. She was born in 1994, studied art  in workshop of such well known Kyiv artist as Anatoliy Tverdoy, ended up Schevchenko Art School, faculty of painting. After graduation she continued study by herself, practice and explore old masters. Her artworks consist in private collections across the globe.



In her paintings she explore how reality falls asleep and myth comes in its place, how fine lines of definition of the existing and the fictional are defeated in this way.  All her artistic experience is based on an endless contemplation of the world.


Her artworks reflect the eternal flow of forms of matter, the interweaving of the existential meanings of everything on Earth. The motif of their monochrome song tells about the illusory nature of consciousness. How often a logically built chain of life breaks through and we see a perfect inexplicable void that releases our mind into outer space.  It seems that the vision exists separately from the seer, and you can familiarize yourself with the result of its independent existence in her works.  


Exhibitions :

2017 online group show ‘Landscapes’, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery

2018 group ‘Open Exhibition’ at NN Contemporary Art gallery, Northampton, UK

2021 VR exhibition BLINK ART WEEK

Publications :

2017 – cover of ’43 Magazine’, 1-st issue, Taiwan 2017 – ‘Avarage art’ magazine, issue #16, UK

2018 – featured on Behance (Fine Art curated gallery)

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