Lana Privitera

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Lana Privitera

United States

          Originally from Spain, Lana Privitera graduated in 1983 from the Fine Arts School of Zaragoza, where she majored in Fashion Design and Art History. After working in Advertising for a few years, she moved to the USA in the early 1990s.
         Mrs. Privitera is known nowadays for her colorful and highly realistic watercolor Still Lifes.
         In recent years, Mrs. Privitera‚Äôs paintings have gathered a long list of awards in National and International art competitions. Her work has also been featured in diverse prestigious publications, both in the USA and abroad.

         She is a Signature Member of several leading Art Societies, including the prestigious National Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society and the Northeast Watercolor Society.

        Mrs. Privitera has been an art instructor for over 15 years and offers Online and In-Person Workshops and Demos in the USA and across the World.

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