Linda Lastoff

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Linda Lastoff

United States

As a youngster, wandering through her Dads stationary supply warehouse in Boston was better than going to a toy store. There she would find charcoal pencils, pastels and paper on which to paint.  What could be better?

Encouraged to pursue fine art, Linda began her studies at University of Bridgeport where she enrolled in the majority of their studio art courses.  She continued her education at Boston University's School of Fine Arts, where she received a BFA in art education. Rounding out her college experience, she continued on with Eastern Ct State University.

Linda taught art in public schools in MA, VT and CT.  She have given private instruction and held workshops in pastel painting.  She was the president of a local art association for seven years and is a member of the Academic Artist Association as well as other leagues.

Her awards and accolades are numerous.



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