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Lis Pardoe

United States

Lis Pardoe - Bio

Lis Pardoe is a contemporary U.S. American artist whose representational oil paintings create introspective space. A reactionary response to her anxieties of living in a modern era, Pardoe portrays intimate and domestic scenes, resulting in delicate worlds that offer a pause from life's daily stressors. Playing with light and shadow, the focus on depth invites the viewer to step inside. Her recurring botanical representations act as a grounding force - an ever-present reminder of our universal connection. Working from life, photography, and imagination, Pardoe spends hours with her friends and family, who pose for her. Her painting titles are often a summation of her initial vision and the experience of interacting with her subject.
Pardoe was born in Sandy, UT, and grew up along the Wasatch Front, splitting time between Sandy and Centerville. Shortly after graduating from Viewmont High School in 2010, Pardoe began a five-year apprenticeship at the Hein Atelier of Traditional Art, which she graduated in 2015. After spending her twenties in Salt Lake City, UT, Pardoe is currently living with her spouse and working from Mazatlán, Mexico. She won a Museum Exhibition Award in the 15th International ARC Salon (2021), has exhibited at noteworthy institutions such as the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (2020), and was collected by Utah's prestigious Alice Merrill Horne Collection (2020). Meyer Gallery currently represents her (Park City, UT).

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