Lisa Andrews

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Lisa Andrews

United States

Drawing and painting has been a life-long passion for Lisa Andrews, who was born and currently resides in California. While living in New York, she undertook independent study of fine traditional paintings at major museums. Seeking more intensive training, she pursued drawing, painting and anatomy workshops with a number of master artists, including Anthony Ryder, Douglas Flynt, Daniel Graves and Andrew Ameral. She also studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

A focus on painting the form is what drives her inspiration in both still life and figurative work. She is known for her sensitive and accurate portrayals of portrait subjects, and for her refined still life compositions. Her private commissioned portrait work led to commissions for narrative works in churches across the country, a process that required a creative and sophisticated interpretation of traditional texts in a more contemporary setting.

“Painting is a meditative process for me. I feel connected to the rhythm and order of being when I slow down enough to let nature reveal her beauty. Painting allows me to visually celebrate this gift of beauty and amplify it through my work. In a world that shouts, my work invites a quiet conversation with the subject.”

Her work has been recognized by The Portrait Society of America and most recently was a semi-finalist in the Art Renewal Center 15th Salon.

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