Luciano Neves

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Luciano Neves


I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I always loved to travel and know cultures, and this passion made me live and work for a period in Switzerland, where I could learn about many kinds of cultures in Europe. This short time motivates me to know better about art.

Back in Brazil, where I live now, I put together all my know-how in technology and art and started working with Visual Effects for Movies and TV. After some years, I could make my own company with powerful features inside a Visual Effects world. My career grew strong, and I had the honor to receive many awards in this area.

With all this background in art direction and visual effects, I started to make my travels more devoted to the way I could learn better about cultures and art. Still, I wished to make a good record at this time, so I started to take photos, draw, and paint all I could, sometimes with oil on canvas, sometimes with charcoal or any other style.

Old master painters such as Caravaggio and John Singer Sargent always boost me to explore more and more, and my love for art inspires me to paint the authentic essence that lives in captures I make worldwide.

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