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Lynne Mehlman

United States

Lynne B. Mehlman

Drawn to the beauty of nature, Lynne has been painting her whole life. As a first-grade student in Japan (her family was stationed there during the Vietnam War), she won a prize for her painting of the cherry blossoms that she found so captivating. Throughout her school years she continued to receive encouragement, and she took as many art classes as she could, from ceramics to calligraphy to lithography. However, she never found the intensive training that she desired until she met Robert Cormier, the instructor of the R.H. Ives Gammell Studios in Boston, MA and a former Gammell student himself. Lynne studied with him for 4 years.

Lynne then furthered her studies with Paul Ingbretson, another Gammell student, in Manchester, NH, for more than 5 years. Lynne’s training comprised as much focus on learning to see as on the craft of drawing and painting. Robert Cormier called it an impressionistic approach, based on what hits the eye first. Paul Ingbretson calls it painting in the visual order, in the tradition of Boston School Painting. To complement her intensive studio work, she studied plein air landscape painting with David Curtis.

Lynne’s oil paintings capture vibrant colors and light effects in her elegantly composed arrangements. She strives to accurately depict the impression of nature while leaving a sense of mystery in the shadows and of wonder about the beauty around her. Always seeking a pleasing balance of unity and variety, Lynne favors fruits and florals because of their diverse hues and shapes, and the way they add visual magic to simpler objects such as ginger jars and vases. Her goal is to express more with less, to work towards poetry instead of prose.

Lynne has won many awards and has numerous works in private collections. She is a member of the Guild of Boston Artists, the Rockport Art Association & Museum and the Whistler House Museum of Art, where she exhibits regularly. Additionally, she is a member of and participates in regional and international competitions at the International Art Renewal Center, the Oil Painters of America, the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, the Hudson Valley Art Association, the American Artists Professional League and the Academic Artists Association. Lynne currently works from north light in a studio in Lawrence and resides in Lowell, MA.


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