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Manuel Mediavilla


Manuel Mediavilla born in Malaga in 1972, has a Degree in Fine Arts by the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. Currently he develops his career as an artist in parallel with teaching Sculpture at the University. His work is inserted in the tradition of figurative sculpture. Sticking to the naturalistic representation of the body. Scenes halfway between the mythological and the real that combine the classic with the contemporary.

The swimmer is that character who is represented in the pool or outside of it and who relates and communicates with his environment, it is the excuse to analyze the relationships of man with himself and with his environment in the form of a pool or animal. In this exercise of formal and conceptual miscegenation, he combines the kitsch with the refined, the human with the aquatic, the everyday with the extraordinary.

He has obtained several Awards and Scholarships such as: II Urban Sculpture Prize in the Antonio López 2021 Painting and Sculpture Contest, Pinto. Residence for the creation and assembly of the project “La Belleza Imperfecta”, with the collective Taller Bonus in 2018, International Center for Living Arts of Madrid. Honorable mention in the VIII Figurative Painting and Sculpture Contest 2015, Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas, Barcelona. Honorable mention in the IV Figurative Painting and Sculpture Contest 2009, Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas, Barcelona. First prize of the II City of Badajoz Figurative Sculpture Prize 2008, Badajoz City Council. Honorable mention in the II Contest of Figurative Painting and Sculpture 2007, Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas, Barcelona.

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