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Margaret Ingles


Born in Canberra but now living in Brisbane, I graduated from the ANU and University of Tasmania in Anthropology and Sociology, after that completing two graduate degrees in Education and the Visual Arts. I went on to teach art in international schools in Nepal, Laos and Thailand but gave up teaching to pursue a full time art career almost 20 years ago. These days, I am a dedicated contemporary realism painter focussing primarily on figurative work and portraiture. I am also currently working on new works addressing the climate crisis, a shift in focus I have felt compelled to explore for some time.

For over 25 years I lived and worked in Asia (Nepal, Laos, Thailand, Singapore) so it is not surprising that much of my art during this time celebrated the colour and diversity of people and places in the region.  I also lived in Rome after completing a post-grad degree on the Art and Architecture of the Italian Renaissance, fulfilling a lifelong dream to immerse myself in this country of masters and masterpieces and pursue my studies even further.

 I love all kinds of art, but have a special affinity for realism in all its forms having always been drawn to, and fascinated by, drawings and paintings that can transform a flat surface into something that looks real and three dimensional. For me there is a kind of magic in that, a dazzling conjuring trick of sorts. I think Edgar Degas said it best: “A picture is something which requires as much knavery, trickery, and deceit as the perpetration of a crime.” I love the technical skill, precision and control that is required, the focus on detail, and the challenge of capturing the light. I love the associative process of mixing up free flowing concepts and ideas to create an artwork that is both magical, meaningful and truly unique.

Above all, I aim to create pieces of beauty that my audience can connect to aesthetically, emotionally and experientially.

I have been represented by galleries in Bangkok such as the Piktur gallery, and the Opera gallery in Singapore, and am currently represented at the Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane. I  have exhibited in Bangkok, Singapore, London and in various cities and towns around Australia. My art can be found in private collections around the world. 

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