Marjan Abedian

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Marjan Abedian

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Marjan Abedian was born 1976 in Tehran, Iran. She studied with Master Fakhreddin Mokhberi at Mahdis painting studio, and then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in painting from Pars University. Marjan Abedian has been teaching painting for the last 14 years and founded her own school, the Rassam Art Institute, in 2022. She has participated in numerous exhibitions including showings at the Reza Abbasi Museum, Iran, the Niavaran Cultural Center, Iran, the Milad Tower, Iran, the Sa’dabad Historical Complex, Iran, Domination at Artem Galleries, USA, and the Linda Farrell gallery, France, among others. 

Her painting, “Daapir” won Second Place Portraiture in the 15th International ARC Salon Competition and it exhibited at Sotheby’s NY in 2021.


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