Mark Flickinger

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Mark Flickinger

United States

Mark Flickinger is a painter, muralist and has served as professor of art at Cowley College in Arkansas City, KS since 2001.

Working primarily in oil, the subject of Flickinger’s work is a study of light effects in nature as expressed through color and texture. He finds in the landscape a source that is wondrous and fair- Infinite in possibilities both subtle and sublime. Interested in sublime spaces, Mark travels extensively and paints many National and Provincial Parks across North America. Working in situ, he often begins with studies completed on site and works on larger iterations in the studio.

Flickinger, a California native, earned a Bachelor's degree in Painting and Drawing from WSU, and a MFA in Painting from Indiana University. He has shown his work in many public and private galleries and museums across the country over the last 30 years.
He shows currently at Reuben Saunders in Wichita, Strecker-Nelson West in Manhattan, KS, and Addington Gallery in Chicago. His paintings are included in many private and public collections across America and abroad.

One of Mark's favorite quotes is by Caspar David Friedrich as he offered advice to a fellow artist: "Shut your physical eye so that you first see your painting with your spiritual eye. Then bring to light what you saw in the dark so that it has an effect on others, shining inwards from outside."

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